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Maureen Geraghty, PhD, RD, LD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Medical Dietetics Division
School of Health and Rehabilitation Services
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University
Dr. Geraghty received her B.S. from the University of Dayton, completed her Dietetic Internship at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, and received her Master of Science Degree in Medical Dietetics at the Ohio State University in 1989, and her PhD in Human Nutrition at the Ohio State University in 2006.

A newly minted PhD, Dr. Geraghty has been a dietitian for 20 years. She is actively initiating trials involving pediatric populations and the use of herbs/dietary supplements, with populations including autistic children, newborns/preemies whose mothers used herbs/dietary supplements, and the use of supplements in college students. Other research interests involve the physiologic and molecular indicators of change resulting from the administration of prebiotics and probiotics. Her dissertation addressed the changes in gut microflora as a result of the administration of prebiotics, as measured by enzymatic and molecular techniques. Dr. Geraghty worked in industry (Ross Products Division/Abbott Nutrition) for 12 years prior to the acquisition of her PhD where she conducted clinical trials across the country with nutritional interventions for various disease states. She holds fours U.S. patents as a result of her work at Abbott Nutrition.

Dr. Geraghty teaches 3 courses in the Department of Medical Dietetics in the College of Medicine: 1) Nutrition and Dietetics (nutrition and biochem); 2) Maternal and Pediatric Nutrition; 3) Complementary Nutrition Therapy: Dietary Supplements and Herbs. She is active in her Dietetic Associations, and on several speakers’ bureaus to provide medical professionals with continuing education credits in the area of the safety and efficacy of herbs and dietary supplements.