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What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.  Autistic disorder, sometimes called autism or classical ASD, is the most severe form of ASD, while other conditions along the spectrum include a milder form known as Asperger syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (usually referred to as PDD-NOS).  Although ASD varies significantly in character and severity, it occurs in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and affects every age group.  Experts estimate that 1 out of 88 children age 8 will have an ASD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, (More)

Understanding Autism

  • Asperger Syndrome: Educational Resources
  • Early Intervention Can Make a Difference for Autistic Children
  • Educational Approaches for Treating Autism
  • Handling Autistic Violence in the Classroom
  • How common is autism?
  • Infographic - 2014 CDC Autism Data
  • Interventions for Stereotypical Behaviors
  • Autism (MedlinePlus)
  • Autism and Aggression: Intervention Strategies
  • Autism Information - A comprehensive list of information and resources related to autism (Department of Health and Human Services)
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  • Commonly Asked Questions

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  • Could My Daughter Be Autistic?
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  • Additional Information

  • Symptoms and Tests
  • Treatment
  • The Body
  • Research Studies
  • Info by Age, Ethnicity, Sex
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