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Parkinson's Disease

Is Eldepryl effective ?



I have been taking Eldepryl for almost a year and a half , going from two to one a day . I now take Requip as well . I have been reading that there is disagreement over the effectiveness of Eldepryl and I'm wondering if it is worth bothering with . I think the less medication the better . Can I just drop it or should it be a gradual decrease ?


This is still a controversial issue. The largest study of Eldepryl, the DATATOP trial, suggests that Eldepryl delays the need for levodopa (Sinemet) by about six months. However, this was felt to be due to symptomatic benefit, rather than slowing progression. My own approach is to continue Eldepryl unless there are side effects. It is better to taper it off over 1-2 weeks as you may find you need a larger dose of Requip.

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Arif Dalvi, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati