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What Are The Chances Of Two Virgins Contracting HIV?



What are the changes of getting AIDS when two virgins have sex?


Short Answer: The chances are different from ZERO. HIV infection can be transmitted through several routes. The most publicized has been unprotected sexual contact, either hetero or homosexual. There are other routes however: vertical transmission, from an infected mother to a child during childbirth, sharing needles during injection drug use, via blood and blood products transfusion, now rare. Also contact with blood or bloody body fluids of an infected person. There have been several thousand reported cases of HIV transmission from patients to healthcare workers, one reported case of transmission from a dentist to several patients, one case of transmission through kissing an infected person who had periodontal disease and bleeding gums. Sexual activity between people that have not engaged in sexual activity before cannot be guaranteed to be risk free for the transmission of HIV. It would be recommended to use barrier protection to diminish the risk.

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Francisco   Gomez, MD Francisco Gomez, MD
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