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Possible lupus?



i have had a rash on my face and body for about 6 weeks now, i recently went to my family doctor and she said that i had polymorphus light eruption. she said they could nothing for it, so i pressured her into getting me into the dermotologist, he looked at me and asked if i had ever heard of lupus, i said yes and he said nothing more about it. he said that he did not want to tell me what was wrong until i got the blood work done. i am so concerned. i know nothing about lupus. please help me, does this sound like lupus?


While rash on face and body may occur as an early manifestation of lupus, its presence alone is not sufficient to make a diagnosis. The other symptoms include fever, fatigue, joint pains, ulcers in mouth, hair loss, abnormal urine test, and so on. It is a good idea to get certain lab tests such as antinuclear antibody test, urine protein and microscopic exam, CBC done. These simple tests can suggest or rule out the diagnosis in more than 95% of people with lupus. I hope its a simple rash, and not lupus.

But, if it turns out to be lupus, you may get detailed information about this disease from the Arthritis Foundation (National office in Atlanta, GA) or Lupus Foundation (national office in MD) or from their local offices - almost every city or region has a Chapter. Most patients with lupus with proper diagnosis, follow up and care do very well, and lead a fairly normal life.

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati