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Child Abuse

Maunchasen by Proxy



what is maunchasen by proxy?


Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a rare form of child abuse in which illness in a child is simulated (faked) and/or produced by the child`s caregiver, often the mother. The illness often results in extensive medical evaluations in the child, with multiple and lengthy hospitalizations, a wide variety of tests, and consultation with many different physicians and hospitals. The child`s caregiver denies any knowledge about the cause of the child`s illness, but the acute symptoms and signs in the child often go away when the child is separated from the caregiver. The diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by proxy is extremely difficult to make. The caregiver`s history often sounds "real" to the physician, leading the physician to believe there is a serious illness, thus perpetuating more tests, more evaluations, more hospitalizations, etc. When considering this diagnosis in a patient, it is important to involve a multidisciplinary team with both medical and non-medical personnel early on with experience in evaluating these cases and making the diagnosis.

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Stephanie Zimmerman, MD
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