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Breakthroughs in lupus?



Please help, I have a mother and an uncle who suffer from Lupus. It is DLE and SLE. They have tried everything but it seems to keep dragging them down. I would like any information you can supply on any new breakthroughs or resent research on Lupus. We are ready to try something that will give them some relief. I sincerely hope you can help.


Research in recent years has generated new knowledge about the mechanisms by which lupus is caused. This has spurred clinical trials on promising drugs. Many of these drugs are still in the research and development phase. However, many problems that people with lupus face can be tackled to some extent by the currently available medications. You should discuss with your rheumatologist or lupus doctor about trying several options, some of which may work but might have some side effects. She or he may also find out if your mother or uncle can participate in research trials of new medications. You may also contact the lupus foundation of america (www.lupus.org) or arthritis foundation (www.arthritis.org) - they have information on new trials in which your mom or uncle may participate. You may have a local chapter of these organizations in your city or region.

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
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