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Braces and retainers



what are braces made of?


Thank you for your question. Most bonded brackets are fabricated from dies by the manufacturer and are of a chrome cobalt and stainless steel alloys. The wire that is used is also of this combination but of a different formula. There is a less than 5% nickle included in the formula. Nickle has been found to cause allergy in a very small segment of the population. If you have a known allergy to this metal it should be discussed with the orthodontist.

The so-called clear braces are made of a patented formula epoxy resin or some other plastic. They are usually mono-crystalline with a high resistance to porosity. The braces are cemented to the teeth with a monofil bis-gma bonding material that requires a minor etching of the tooth surface in the form of 5 microns. If you have further questions please contact NetWellness again.

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