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Do Condoms Prevent HIV?



Can you prevent AIDS by wearing a condom?


The corresponent asks if the use of rubbers (condoms) may prevent AIDS. The answer is YES, they help, but are not perfect. It has been well demonstrated that the use of condoms decreses the risk of acquiring HIV infection, the cause of AIDS, as well as many other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. However, they need to be used adequately: There should be no contact between the penis and either the genitals, anus or mouth of the partner unless a condom is in place. Condoms should be lubricated with water-based products (K-Y jelly) and NEVER with vaseline. A new condom should be used for each episode of intercourse. Despite all precautions condoms do break, not unusually. One should avoid sexual contact with High risk partners, prostitutes, injection drug users, and people with multiple sexual partners to diminish the risk of HIV acquisition. A very comprehensive page on HIV prevention including Condom use is available at the link below

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Francisco   Gomez, MD Francisco Gomez, MD
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