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Dental Hygiene

Problem with Wisdom teeth



I am 26 years old and my wisdom teeth have not come out as yet. My upper jaw on the right side was hurting and I could barely open my mouth or eat any food. My dentist said that my wisdom teeth are impacted after taking an x-ray. His opinion is that I should take out all four of my wisdom teeth under general anasthesia. Pls explain the follow 1. When should wisdom teeth normaly come out? 2. What does impacted teeth mean? 3. Should I take all 4 of them out if they are not troubling me? What are the pros and cons of this operation.

A response would be much appreciated.


Wisdom teeth can come out when the dentist evaluates the readiness of them to be extracted. (usually age 18 and over) Impacted teeth are teeth that are under the gums, they are not visually present in the mouth. The pros and cons of the extractions would have to be discussed with the oral surgeon after they have looked at the xrays. It is better to have all out at once.

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Nancy K Nordstrom, MS, BS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Dental Hygiene
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University