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Is this lupus



What does hemocrit mean? I was told that my blood is not giving or getting enough oxygen. My esr is 39 high, my platelets are 423 and my white blood count is very low. My neutrons are 7.8 What does all of this mean? Please help. Is this lupus


Hematocrit is a laboratory value who checks if a person has anemia, together with hemoglobin. If it is low it shows anemia, if it is high it sometimes shows `polycythemia` (a lot of blood cells). When a person is anemic, there might not be enough blood cells and hemoglobin to transport oxygen to tissues. When, on the other hand, the body does not get enough oxygen through the lungs (high altitude, smoking, medical conditions) the number of red blood cells and hematocrit increase in a reactive fashion.

People with lupus can have anemia or low counts of other blood cells (Lymphocytes, platelets). Platelets can be high when there is inflammation in the body or anemia exists. All those alone do not mean lupus. There are many other signs and symptoms and tests for lupus.

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