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Signs of lupus



Is gagging, having trouble swallowing waking up sometimes not being able to breathe-possible from dry mouth and a spot here and ther on face or a coldlike coldsore under the nose possible signs of lupus


Dry mouth and dry eyes, problems swallowing due to dry mouth can be a symptom of a syndrome related to lupus and which can appear together with lupus: Sjogren`s syndrome.

Problems swallowing can be due to connective tissue diseases (like scleroderma, polymyositits), neurologic problems, esophageal conditions and even stress with what`s called `globus hystericus`.

Rashes on the face can be due to lupus, or rosacea or acne or may be other dermatologic problems. The lesions should be looked at to decide.

Nose and mouth ulcerations may be part of lupus; in general they are not painful. They are not diagnostic of the disease by themselves.

You need to be examined and tests need to be done according to the findings.

What you are reporting to us is not enough to make a diagnosis of lupus or any other condition.

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Yolanda   Farhey, MD Yolanda Farhey, MD
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