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Low titre??



Does a person have to have the rash on the face (butterfly type rash) to have lupus. Years ago I was tested for lupus and was told it was low end of the titre does this mean anything to you? I now do get this weird rash but its on my body it looks like someone has pin pricked me all over ...tiny blood red dots all over....more on arms and legs. I have been getting severe weakness in arms and legs also to the point I cannot function properly. I was tested for lupus years ago for un explained musle pain now the musle weakness has taken over the pain I think. Do you have any idea if this could be lupus? Thanks so much for your time.


No, facial rash is not required for the diagnosis of lupus. In fact, many people with lupus do not have the classic butterfly rash. It seems that you definitely need an evaluation by your primary care, or preferably by a rheumatologist or a physician who specializes in the area of lupus and related diseases. From your description, it is difficult to pinpoint the diagnosis.

While 95-99% people with lupus have a positive ANA (`lupus test`). However, a positive ANA by itself does not mean any thing, because low titer test is positive in all kinds of diseases and sometimes positive in healthy individuals.

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
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College of Medicine
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