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Can Lupus cause the deveopment of aides?



I recently recieved the autopsy report on my Mom. She was a 67 year old Asian. She had Lupus & Aides. She was not an intravenious drug user - and had not been sexually active since my step dad got sick with Cancer and died 10 years ago. Can lupus cause aides? I`m confused and trying to make sense of this.


How was AIDS detected? Some immunological abnormalities are common between AIDS and lupus: for example, people with lupus or with AIDS may have decreased CD4 cell count; both may have similar immune suppression. Regarding the transmission of HIV, the infection can transmit through infusions of blood or blood products; blood donors were not screened for HIV before it was discovered in 80s, and in many parts of the world until early 90s. Several other methods of transmission are possible, such as sharing of needles between the infected and a non-infected person (this actually happened in several parts of the world some 10-15 years ago! The practitioners of medicine in some remote rural communities used to use the same non-disposable needle in several people; they supposedly boiled the needles in between).

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