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Urinary Tract Cancers

Kidney Cyst: Future Problem?



Some 12 years ago a single kidney cyst was discovered during a cholecystectomy. It was merely a cyst as evidenced by the fact that I`m still here and without symptoms. Now an ultrasound (for another purpose) reveals that the cyst has grown from its original 6 cm diameter to 9.5 cm. Is this going to cause a problem, sooner or later, just from the crowding aspect? What kind of test will reveal if it is causing a problem now? And if so, what can or should be done about it? Is likely to burst? What would happen then?


Cysts of the kidney are common and their incidence increases with age. They are not associated with malignancy and do not impair kidney function. They do not typically rupture and treatment such as withdrawal of fluid is not necessary. Occasionally patients may have discomfort but most do not.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
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