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my aunt has a dieases which will be able to spread through every organs, her skins and liver are affected by now, every organs that is affected will feel like a stone (very hard) can`t work any anymore. her doctor says that there is nothing to cure.

i would like to hear some from you.

I don`t whether know that it is related to lupus. if it doesn`t please send it to other doctors who studied this. I really need to hear some reply.

thank you very much


It is very difficult to make a diagnosis from the information received in your letter. Lupus can affect skin and different organs, but in general does not induce `hardening` of the organs. Another connective tissue disease is Scleroderma in which there is fibrosis of skin and different organs (lungs, part of the digestive organs). Involvement of the liver is not an important part of this condition though. You need to provide us more information to enable us to answer properly. Ask the physician taking care of the aunt what he thinks the diagnosis is, if he refers to a rheumatologic condition or another type of disease.

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Yolanda   Farhey, MD Yolanda Farhey, MD
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