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What could these test results mean?



I went to the doc for cold urticaria...tests came back and showed a low positive ana....and immune system was attacking my thyroid gland...it also showed there was very little tetnas immunization in my blood work..and i just had a tetnas shot two years ago...i also have raynauds...do you have any suggestions what this could be? im having a full analysis of ana right now. Im also getting dizzy when i turn my head at times..and ache in my joints.


Urticaria can be an allergic condition or rarely could represent a symptom of a connective tissue disorder. A rare form of urticaria, urticarial vasculitis (implying inflammation of vessels)exists; the skin lesions are likely to be painful, burning or to persist for more than 24 hours. In contrast, the lesions of `common` urticaria are pruritic (`itching`), short-lasting. The final diagnosis can be made by biopsy of the skin. A low-titer ANA, aches and pains in the muscle and joints, Raynaud`s can be encountered in healthy people as well. Raynaud`s phenomenon can appear without any other condition as a reaction to cold environment with contraction of vessels. You might have cold-induced urticaria and also the reaction of vessels to cold. If your physician suspects a connective tissue disease as cause of your symptoms (joint pain, skin lesions, Raynaud`s phenomenon, autoantibodies) you should be evaluated by a rheumatologist.

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