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SLE entering Menapause; what about the Thymus



SLE pt dx `83, had most major organs involved @ one time or another. Have had swollen glands (all over) for approx 5 yrs. Maintaining w/out any remission periods. SLE continues to be full of flare. I was wondering if my Thymus gland could be part of the problem. My main fear is that heading into menapausal range that my flares will increase in severity. What do I do about horomone therapy? Not sure my body could take more medication, already addicted to prednisone. :)


For the hormone therapy, please refer to our previous answer. Follow the link below.

The events occurring in the thymus are known to contribute to the development of lupus. However, at this stage we don`t know enough about it. More research will be required to understand the exact role of the thymus, and then to figure out how to correct it.

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