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Breast Feeding

8 months



my daughter is 8 months and she dont like formula so i gave her regular milk and mixed it with formula she like that but is it harmful to herim trying to wean her she drinks from a cup but wont drink out of a bottle how can i get ehr to just drink formula


Infant formula (also called artificial breastmilk) was developed to replace breast milk during the first year of life. Formula has many of the same ingredients as breastmilk, in amounts that are similar to what you would find in breast milk.

During that first year of life a newborn`s body goes through many changes. Prior to one year of age the infant is not able to adequately digest cow`s milk. The cow`s milk has to much protein in a form that the baby can`t digest, and this can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium are in greater amounts than the baby can handle. Skim milk has insufficient calories to meet the growth needs. It is recommended that you not give a child less than one year of age cow`s milk, and that they not receive 2 % milk until they are over two years of age.

Have you talked with your daughter`s health care provider about your problem with getting her to drink formula? Also you might try another brand of iron-fortified formula, the kind children should be given until they are one year of age. If she was breastfed prior to this time and is not completely weaned, you may want to resume breastfeeding again.

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