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Alzheimer's Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease



what are the signs for Alzheimer's?


There are a number of common symptoms or signs for Alzheimer`s disease. The most important thing for you to do if you have concerns about memory problems in yourself or a loved one is to see your family doctor. Some of the most common signs are recent memory loss, or forgetfulness that affects daily functioning, difficulty performing familiar tasks, difficulty with verbal expression or language such as trouble finding the right word, disorientation to time and place, changes in judgment, difficulty with complex tasks such as balancing a checkbook, changes in mood or personality, and loss of initiative and motivation. Again, if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, please contact your family doctor. There are many different types of medical problems that may cause these same signs. Therefore, it is important to receive a complete medical examination. Thank you for writing to us. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

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Paula K Ogrocki, PhD Paula K Ogrocki, PhD
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