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Lupus and MS?



Can someone have multiple sclerosis and lupus? My ANA count has always been160^ Recently when I developed a rash on my legs that spread too fast to be ringworm, I was sent to a skin specialist. He requested blood tests.My ANA now is 1280. Tests are now being redone. I`ve heard you can and can`t have MS and Lupus together, what do you think?


Some of the neurological manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis may be difficult to differentiate from those of Lupus. Overlapping features of both diseases are termed `lupoid sclerosis`. The true coexistence of the two disorders has been reported. Families can have histories of both disorders. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis may have positive ANA (between 20% and 80% in different medical literature series) so having a positive ANA in MS does not mean you have both diseases. ANA alone does not make the diagnosis of lupus. If the rash is suspicious and persistent a biopsy can give a better answer than the blood tests.

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