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Newborn and Infant Care

Ergotrate 1



Hello I have a question about a drug which a Dr has suggested that I may want to take. The drug name in the US is Ergotrate 1 or in Canada it is called Ergotrate Maleate 1. It is also called Ergometrine or Methylergometrine. I am an American currently traveling in the Dominican Republic. Here this drug is called Cryovinal. I have been told I could take .2 mg twice daily for two days. Eleven days ago I delivered a 6lb baby girl via emergency C-section. (34th week). I was told that I had gone into labor and the baby would go into fetal distress during normal vaginal delivery. During my pregnancy, I had complications due to sever anemia and low Amniotic Fluid. The doctor here has suggested that I could take this drug to relieve prolonged bleeding, inflammation and remove clots. I am not currently bleeding heavily, rather I am experiencing a normal menses with the release of some clots.

I have looked this drug up on line and was not encouraged by some of the potential unwanted side effects. However, I am not a physician and I am unable to interpret this data. Currently I am breastfeeding the baby and my main concern is if I choose to take this drug, should I continue to breastfeed? If not for how long should I express my breast milk & dispose of it after I take my last dose? Also is this drug used in the US? Is it safe for the patient to take this drug? I would also like to know if there are other drugs with fewer side effects which I could take or if there is another form of treatment that I should consider?

Thank you


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