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Breast Feeding




Hello I have a question about a drug which a Dr has suggested that I may want to take. The drug name in the US is Ergotrate 1 or in Canada it is called Ergotrate Maleate 1. It is also called Ergometrine or Methylergometrine. I am an American currently traveling in the Dominican Republic. Here this drug is called Cryovinal. I have been told I could take .2 mg twice daily for two days. Eleven days ago I delivered a 6lb baby girl via emergency C-section. (34th week). I was told that I had gone into labor and the baby would go into fetal distress during normal vaginal delivery. During my pregnancy, I had complications due to sever anemia and low Amniotic Fluid. The doctor here has suggested that I could take this drug to relieve prolonged bleeding, inflammation and remove clots. I am not currently bleeding heavily, rather I am experiencing a normal menses with the release of some clots.

I have looked this drug up on line and was not encouraged by some of the potential unwanted side effects. However, I am not a physician and I am unable to interpret this data. Currently I am breastfeeding the baby and my main concern is if I choose to take this drug, should I continue to breastfeed? If not for how long should I express my breast milk & dispose of it after I take my last dose? Also is this drug used in the US? Is it safe for the patient to take this drug? I would also like to know if there are other drugs with fewer side effects which I could take or if there is another form of treatment that I should consider?

Thank you


Ergonovine Maleate also known as Ergotrate or Ergometrine is used to prevent and control postpartum bleeding by direct stimulation of uterine muscles resulting in uterine contractions (which you will feel as cramping). When given to breastfeeding mothers` one study showed that maternal levels of prolactin production were inhibited, which may decrease your milk production. Further research showed that dose of 0.2 mg taken 3 to 4 times per day had small quantities of Ergonovine Maleate in the breast milk, and that short-term use (less than 1 week) of the medication does not cause problems in the nursing woman or her infant however, long term use is not recommended. This is a medication that you may need, and should discuss the use of this medication and other possible medication completely with you healthcare provider, and remind them that you are breastfeeding. Also discuss any medications you take with the health care provider of your newborn.

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