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Infectious Diseases

Fear of Possible Genital Herpes Contraction



I am a male age 26 who recently had sex with a woman whom I had just met(one night stand). The sex was protected but the oral was not, yet the oral was only for a minute or so. This occurred on either January 24th or 31st and it is now February 26. Last week I noted some mild itching and burn around my anus, and mild pain in the groin area. I do not see any bumps or blisters or redness though when I looked. I feel somewhat fatigued, but I also have not been able to exercise alot due to my work schedule lately. I noticed that some people never exhibit any symptoms, yet it appears that the burn and itch around the anus pain is only associated with Genital Herpes out of the STDs. How likely is this to be an STD considering the recent history of what has happened? Thank you in advance for your response.


Genital herpes is often caused by herpes simplex type 2, and `fever blisters` are caused by herpes simplex type 1. Both can cause genital herpes although type 2 is much more common than type 1. The usual symptoms of genital herpes are burning and pain on the penis (for men) or in the vagina (for women). If it is the first bout, the pain and discomfort can be excruciating. In addition, the first bout is often accompanied by swollen lymph glands in the groin. The likelihood that you have acquired genital herpes since you had protected intercourse and some oral sex in conjunction with your symptoms is very small.

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