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NLite Laser Collagen Replenishment System?



I am thinking about having a procedure done which was developed by a company called NLite. It claims to be safe, painless,and takes minutes and I can return to my day immediately. They say "NLite Laser Collagen Replenishment uses a specific frequency of yellow laser light to stimulate your own collagen growth...non-ablative...nonanesthesia. Treatment time takes 20-60 minutes. Gradually over a few weeks, your new collagen forms and fills in the voids, reducing the depth of the wrinkle." My question is, does this work? If so, is it longterm? Are there any longterm effects? I think it cost about $1,200. for a full treatment and may require a follow up treatment a few weeks later depending on the size and quantity of the wrinkles. Is this something that I would have to keep paying for every three months because the collagen disappears? Thanks for your input. Mary


This question does not fall within the scope of my topic area. I have forwarded your question to a NetWellness Expert who I hope will be able to provide you with an answer. In one to two days, please look for an answer to your question in the NetWellness Expert topic area called Skin Care.

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