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Possible Lupus Question



I need guidance in what to ask my doctor to get to the bottom of why I have labs that show results like Postive ANA Homogeneous 1:160, normal WBC, Low RBC, Low HgB, Low HCT, High MCV, High Platelets, Normal RDW. In addition I have a family history of Lupus. I also have raynauds syndrome and get unexplained rashes on my hands and have what seem to be chest pains that last some times for days and basically only force me to take shallow breaths. Lastly, I am always tired sometimes more than others. Would I be over reacting if I asked my doctor to look into lupus or other auto-immune disorders as a possible cause?


No, you would not be over-reacting by asking your Doctor to look into the possibility of lupus, since you have a family history of lupus, and some symptoms and laboratory tests that occur in lupus. The Doctors attending you should examine you carefully to explore if there are other signs and symptoms or laboratory test abnormalities that would be able to clarify your diagnosis - lupus or some form of connective tissue disease or other diseases that manifest with these symptoms. As you may already know, the positive tests and symptoms that you have are known to occur in several different conditions and are not diagnostic of lupus. Your primary care Doctor might want you to be seen by a rheumatologist, if he or she feels it necessary. 

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati