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Prostate Cancer

Evaluation and Treatment for Kidney Stones



My younger sister, age 36 years, married, previous four caesarean sections. Last caesarean one year back and same time tube ligation. One month before she had coliky type pain in right loin, she had x-ray which showed a radio-opaque calculus in lower end of right ureter and ultrasonography revealed fulness in the right kidney. Doctor also adviced IVP. She wants to know how she got this stone. How she can get rid of it? What infirmations she can get from ivp? Since ten days she said she did not feel the pain. So has the stone slipped into the bladder and if yes how can it come out of urethra? If stone has slipped in bladder still does she have to go for IVP? She also wanted to know if there is any antibiotic course she take now? Please reply. Thanks.


There are many causes for stones andan evaluation of blood and urine can often determine the cause so that treatment can be instituted to prevent new stone formation. The IVP is helpful in identifying the location and size of the stone and determine if there is any obstruction of the kidney. Most stones pass and I suggest she has another x-ray to determine if the stone is still present. Urologists are the specialists who are trained in the evaluation and treatment of the is problem. If the stone passed into the bladder it is usually easily passed with bladder emptying. 

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