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Alzheimer's Disease

How Does Azheimer's Effect the Victim?



how does alzheimers affect the victim?


A person with Alzheimer`s disease typically experiences symptoms of memory loss and confusion, disorientation (getting lost in familiar surroundings), problems with routine tasks, difficulty finding the right words, and changes in personality and judgment. As these problems progress, the person will experience difficulties with activities of daily living (such as cooking, dressing, balancing the checkbook and in the later stages difficulty feeding and bathing). There are many emotional symptoms that can be experienced with Alzheimer`s disease including anxiety, depression, suspiciousness, agitation, and sleep disturbance. The changes in memory and thinking tend to be gradual and mild in the early stages of Alzheimer`s and become more severe over time. Some persons with Alzheimer`s are very aware of the changes in memory and thinking and daily living, and may experience depression, sadness, worry, and frustration over these changes, or changes in their personality. Other individuals tend to appear unaware that anything has changed and are not aware that they have any particular difficulties. It is important to be aware, that most individuals, especially in the earlier stages of the disease, do have awareness that they are no longer the same, and it is important to be sensitive to this. 

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