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Complementary Medicine

Are There Any Remedies for Anal Itching?



Information on anal itching. Are there any remedies?


Probably the most well-known "alternative" remedy has been pretty well mainstreamed, and that is witch hazel. That is what is embedded in the Tucks brand hemorrhoidal pads. Those have a soothing and anti-inflammatory component. Often, the reason for the itching is some retained fecal material that can be pretty irritating. Another common reason is a yeast infection of the anal area because of the warmth and moisture. Usually some over-the counter anti yeast medicine (like clotrimazole) will do the trick. Seeing the doctor is a must if the above remedies don`t work. 

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Tanya I Edwards, MD, MEd Tanya I Edwards, MD, MEd
Formerly, Associate Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University