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Asthma Medications and Bacterial Infections



I`ve had a bacterial infection and was told by my pulmonary specialist to stop taking my Azmacort because that usually makes things worse. I had called my doctor because I had so much congestion I couldn`t inhale the medication very well, and was worried about not taking it while ill. The infection is over and I am back on my asthma medication. My question is why would something like Azmacort make a bacterial infection worse.


This question would be best answered by your physician. Without knowing the particular circumstances of your illness, I can only offer conjecture. Azmacort is a corticosteroid and is used to suppress the lung inflammation associated with asthma. Perhaps your physician was concerned that the anti-inflammatory effect would impair your ability to clear an infection. 

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Dennis   McGraw, MD Dennis McGraw, MD
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