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Infectious Diseases

Lymes diseas 10 years and still hurting.



I was bit by tick @ 19 years of age and with in a year had joint and muscle pain but tested negative for "Lymes" disease. Visited all sorts of DR.`s with no improvement. Every year geting worse and increasingly scared I returned for a new Lymes test and this time,7 years later, tested posative. Have taken oral antibiotics, re-tested and shown negative. IT`s now been 10 years and I feel worse. New symptomes of the last year being light to savere tremers. I`ve had an EEG, MRI, spinal tap,nerve conduction and new blood tests. No one seems to know what to do for me. I do`nt know what to do. All DR.`s in this area who specialize in lymes are not takeing new clients. What can I do?


Your question is not unusual and the problems you describe are seen occasionally. Sometimes the symptoms you describe can be related to Lyme and sometimes there is no good answer. Probably the best way to get in contact with a Lyme expert is to contact a Lyme support group and chat with others with similar problems. They may be able to direct you to specific providers taking new patients, though it may require out of town travel, such as to Boston or New York, where Lyme is more common and large clinics exist. 

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