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Infectious Diseases

Abnormal CBC and Urinalysis.



I just received a Radcon physical, I am a 24 year old male, and received these results. Should I be concerned. White Blood Cell (WBC) Count Result 3.7, Limit 4.0-10.5 Protein 1+, Limit Negative/Trace Ketones Trace, limits Negative Bacteria Many, limits None Seen/Few


Short Answer: Some of your lab abnormalities could be due to very trivial conditions, or could be a sign of a more serious problem going on. The area of concern is the presence of protein and bacteria in the urine, which is rather unusual in a young male. My best advice to you is to repeat at least the urinalysis, and consult your physician.

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Francisco   Gomez, MD Francisco Gomez, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati