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Prostate Cancer

Treatment for Bone Cancer That Came from Prostate Cancer



My husband was diagnosed w/prostate cancer 26 months ago. He had a 23.4 PSA level and his gleason score was(2) sevens an (8) and a (10). He had (43) radiation treatments, on the prostate and the lymph nodes and at this time his PSA levels are undetected. But a bone scan in Aug. last year showed several scattered areas of isotope localization including the R 5th rib and the L 10th rib and also in the lumbar spine at the level of L1 and questionably in the thoracic spine. However we are told by his oncologist that they cannot do any kind of treatment on the bone cancer because he is showing no symptons. The oncologist has explained this to me numerous times and I still don`t understand that if the cancer has spread to the bones why can`t they treat it? The oncologist says he doesn`t expect anymore outbreaks for several months. We also saw an Orthopaedic Oncologist for a second opinion. He did x-rays and told my husband he didn`t need to come back to him anymore but to go back to his regular Oncologist. Could you please send me some input on this.



If it is certain that your husband has bone metastasis, many would treat him even though he is not having symptoms. The treatment is call "hormonal therapy," and it varies as to how it is carried out. I suggest you consult with a urologist with a particular interest in prostate cancer who should be able to advise you.

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