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Exercise and Fitness

Fitness query



sorry for troubling again.One more doubt.

In my previous question some facts were missing.let me add that too with the whole question again

A 30 year old woman with 5ft7"and 62kg could run after a 13 year old boy with 4ft10"and 34 kg and catch him in 6-7 mins running in a straight line.They ran about 1km and the woman started from a distance of 20 meters behind the boy.But we expect the boy who is light in weight to run faster being more flexible.Why could the woman catch the boy despite the boy having no health issues.The woman had no special training in sports either?


Again, the girl has the advantage of greater stride length.

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati