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Broken arm still gives pain



I broke my arm 8 weeks ago,my Dr. now has me out of cast doing rehab excerises.I continue to have pain where my hand hit when I fell and my fingers arent totally straight, and the arm wont totally straighten.What else can I do to get my arm back to normal? Thank you.


You should inform your physician of this residual pain. There may be underlying injuries or pathologies that, perhaps, were not caught and that could be causing the pain. This could also be why the arm is not completely healed or straightening. It is also always desirable to `check in` with your doctor to assess progress and let him/her know of any unexpected or adverse events. If you are performing therapeutic exercises, it may also be a good idea to consult with a physiatrist (a MD who specializes in rehabilitation). These doctors are usually the ones who will coordinate therapies and prescribe therapeutic exercise. There are many fine physiatrists and rehabilitation hospitals throughout the country, including one of the nation`s largest and most comprehensive rehabilitation hospitals here in Cincinnati, Drake Rehabilitation Center. 

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
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