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Breast Feeding

How Long Should You Nurse a Baby?



How long should you nurse a baby?


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all infants be exclusively breast fed for the first six (6) months of life. After your baby is six months of age additional food should be added to their diet. Infants less than one year of age should not receive cow’s milk. Each day that you breast feed your baby you are giving your baby a wonderful unique gift, that only you can provide your child with. The actual length of time you choose to breast feed your baby is something you need to feel comfortable with, and also there must be ways to meet your baby’s nutritional need. (through either taking a bottle or cup with artificial breast milk if less than one year of age) You need to ask yourself why you are considering weaning your baby. Then look at the advantage of weaning at this time along with the disadvantages, and make your decision. This is also something you could discuss with your baby’s health care provider 

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