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Vascular Surgery

Varicose veins



Would a third trement for varicose veins be dangerous? I have had one trmt at age 24 and another at age 30. They have unfortunately returned. I am afraid I will run out of veins.


What would be the reason to proceed with another varicose vein treatment after already having had two? Unless you are still having significant pain and swelling at the end of the day after standing at work all day, you will be hard pressed to find an insurance which will cover the procedure for a third time. If it is purely for cosmetic reasons, you may want to consider seeking consultation about sclerotherapy from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who will inject the small spider veins. Repeated treatment of varicose veins is not inherently dangerous, but you will continue to develop scars from treatment. I would recommend sitting down with your primary care doctor and really discussing matters if this is something necessary for you, particularly when there is a likely chance of recurrence as you grow older. 

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