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Vascular Surgery

GXT Myoview or other tests



Hi Had hard time to find the information I need. Here is my "burning" question. I have conflicting information and maybe you can help. GXT MYOVIEW Test is very expensive to my budget. I was told that the following combinations of tests have equivalent value of results and all combine are less expensive than the GXT MYOVIEW. a) Stress Echo, b) GXT Stress test Physician Supervision. c) Doppler Echo. d) Doppler Color Flow Mappin. I do not want to cut in the quality of my care and tests, but if a less expensive tests can give the same results, why not to take them? So is the GXT MYOVIEW test better than the others combine? Or is it simply a personal doctor choice of preference with same or very similar results? Thank you.


What is the indication for any of these tests, i.e, why are you being asked to have them done? 

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