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Infectious Diseases

Parasites from kittens



I recently had contact with a 3 week old kitten that was found it seemed fine at first then got symtoms fecal worms. I was feeding the kitten every 2-3 hours for 8 days before it died. I noticed a red rash and slight burning in my a couple of days before it died. I am allergic to cats so I figured I may have touched my self when going to the bathroom on and had an allergic reaction. Then after 4 days I started having a strange spotting of that is very light and darker than normal for my period. It has lasted longer than my cycle ever did before and it has a smell that I remember from the kitten. is it possable that I got infected by the worms the kitten had? If so do I need to see a doctor or will this pass? My husband thinks I`m being paranoid but i`ve been making him use s until I find out. We have no insurance and the ER is so expensive and the care is not always so good. Please tell me what I should do and if it could hurt my organs. thanks


Cats and in particular kittens are not transmitters of worms to humans. Although the feces of cats in the litter box can transmit Toxoplasma this would not cause the symptoms you are describing.

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George S Deepe, Jr, MD George S Deepe, Jr, MD
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Director of Infectious Diseases
College of Medicine
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