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Smoking and Tobacco

Lining of the nose



Having stopped smoking for one week now; I was certian that the"lining " of the inside of my nose would get better. (stop drying out, then getting crusty) I was certain that smoking was causing this reaction;maybe not? What is this, and how can I cure it?


First and foremost, you should see your physician or an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist for a complete checkup, especially since you have quit smoking.

Generally speaking, people can try keeping themselves internally hydrated by drinking enough water, 6-8 glasses/day, according to the American Heart Association, and Weight Watchers. Dry skin, cracked lips, or dark urine might be signs that you need to drink more water. You may need to get a humidifier to keep your external surroundings adequately humidified. If everything checks out, your physician or pharmacist can recommend a non-medicated nasal spray to help moisten the mucous membrane lining of the nose.

Nutrition also plays a part in keeping skin and mucous membranes (the nose, eyes, mouth, etc.) healthy. Please refer to Nutrition Background Information on the American Heart Association`s website (http://www.americanheart.org).

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