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Carotid artery question



My mother in law is 76 and had a mini stroke a few weeks ago. The doctor did am mri on her carotid arteries to see if they were blocked. The results showed a 70% blockage. The doctor says it`s not enough of a blockage to do anything about. When is treatment initiated? thank you.


70% is the most popular cut off for indication for Carotid artery surgery in the literature but other co-morbid factors have to be considered too. There are risks involved in further investigations (MRA) and surgery as well. More clinical information is needed to make this decision. Patient`s wishes have to be considered and if one decides to go for the surgery go for the best center. Discuss with the physician again or have a second opinion of a geriatrician. Thanks for the inquiry. 

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Arvind   Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP Arvind Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP
Professor of Family & Community Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati