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Pets and Asthma



Could my Miniature Schnauzer make my asthma worse? Is there anything I can do short of finding a new home for my beloved pet? If I have to find a new home I will, but I know it be heart wrenching for me, and for Jake. He is so attatched to me , I do not think he would do well if permantly separated from me.


It is possible your dog is causing symptoms.  There are many things one can do indoors to control indoor allergens.  I recommend you contact stopallergy.com for information on how to "Create a clean room".  This entails keeping the pet out of the bedroom, running a HEPA air cleaner in the bedroom, placing protective covers that prevent animal allergen accumulation over the pillows, mattress and box spring and vacuum 2 times a week while wearing a mask and leaving the room for 1-2 hours until dispersed dust settles.  Placing filters over the outflow and cold air return vent will also help reduce indoor allergen levels.  It is possible to coexist with your pet.

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