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Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding and papillomas



I have been diagnosed as having intraductal papillomatosis. My doctor suggested a subareolar resection to remove to ducts. However, I have recently become pregnant and breastfeeding is very important to me. Will breastfeeding be possible without having the procedure? And will the greenish discharge harm the baby while nursing?


Intraductal papilloma is a benign tumor or wart like growth present in the ductal system of the breast. Discharge and bleeding may occur with irritation, trauma and erosion. Breastfeeding is sometimes possible when intraductal papillomas are present. However, when discharge is present you should pump until the milk is clear, but continue nursing for the unaffected side. The extent of the subareolar resection will determine if you will be able to breastfeed. It is extremely important that you discuss your plans with your surgeon, as well as the health care provider for your future child, as they are the ones who can best guide you. 

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Tina   Weitkamp, RNC, MSN Tina Weitkamp, RNC, MSN
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