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Face and Jaw Surgery

Pain in my lower gums Not necessarily my jaw



About 7 years ago I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed by an oral surgeon. Since then I have had reoccuring pain in my lower gums where the teeth were removed on the right side of my mouth. I have been to numerous dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and oral surgeons but none of them are giving me any relief. I did notice one thing this year that just occured to me. I only get the pain around the Spring season of the year. One of my co-workers has suggested that I may have a sinus infection. Help!!! This pain is excruciating. I have exhausted all avenues for relief. I have spent much money and still do not have any relief. Do you guys have any suggestions at all? Im desperated!!!!! Thank you


It sounds like you`re asking for a specific diagnosis, which is more than I can provide online. Only a detailed history and physical exam by a healthcare professional can provide enough information to make a specific diagnosis. Please discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider. 

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Guillermo  E Chacon, DDS Guillermo E Chacon, DDS
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