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Vascular Surgery

Groin Pain?



I`m having what I describe as groin pain.I don`t know if this is the proper description. The pain is mostly in the front middle part right where my leg bends at the top, where my panty line is. The pain comes and goes usually but last night I woke up with it a couple of times and it feels sore this morning. A few years ago I was told that an arterial doppler showed I had signs of early peripherial artery disease and should be told to quit smoking. I don`t smoke. I do have high chlosterol and take zocor for that. I`m 41. My 38 year old sister has suffered severe high blood pressure for many years and our mother died of a sudden massive heart attack at 39.Any ideas about this pain, and am I describing it right by saying groin/


It would be most unusual to have spontaneous groin pain from atherosclerotic arterial disease or plaque build up in the arteries. If there was plaque narrowing the artery in the groin (the femoral artery), your symptoms would likely be thigh pain after walking a certain distance. The pain would then go away after you rested or stopped walking. The sudden onset of pain you describe waking you from sleep sounds nerve-related. Nevertheless, since you have a strong family history of atherosclerotic arterial disease, it would not hurt to have your family doctor order a non-invasive vascular study of your legs. This involves just the use of different sized blood pressure cuffs to measure blood pressure in the legs in comparison to the arm. Best of luck!

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