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Dental Hygiene




Hi, After brushing my teeth in the morning, they don`t feel clean. The back of my teeth feel rough as though I have not cleaned them properly. I brush and floss twice a day and after a recent visit to the dentist, I know there are no problems with my teeth and gums. I do have reflux and was wondering if perhaps that could have something to do with it. Thank you for your time.


If the reflux is something new since your last visit to the dentist, it may have something to do with the feel of your teeth.  If the reflux has been present for a long time and this "not clean" feeling is new, I would look at things you are possibly doing differently such as switching toothpaste brands.  Also, if you had not had your teeth cleaned in a long time, deposits may have formed behind your lower teeth.  Then if you went to the dentist and had a cleaning, your teeth will feel "rougher" because now you can feel the teeth and the spaces between them instead of the tartar deposits.  If you are still concerned I would go back to your dentist to discuss this issue.

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Michele P Carr, RDH,  MA Michele P Carr, RDH, MA
Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene
Associate Professor of HS Nursing Quality & Research
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University