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ANA 1:160



i was on Prednisone 60 mgs and tapered it to 20 mgs and then went off. I started having acne like swelling on my face and my tear ducts got extremely dry. The OD said the ducts to my eyes were inflamed. I had an ANA 1:160 with no other abnormalities in my blood work. SSA, SSB negative, ESR normal, RBC normal, DNA antibodies negative. My eyes have been dry. The Dr. said that I most likely do not have lupus. I have no aches or pains or joing swelling. Maybe I should have some more labs drawn later. my mother has always had a low positive ANA along with my cousins and sister.


ANA 1: 160 by itself does not mean lupus. The diagnosis of lupus and other autoimmune diseases is generally based on a group of symptoms, examination findings and lab tests.

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Ram Raj   Singh, MD Ram Raj Singh, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati