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Alternative Asthma Medication



I have Asthma since my childhood(13yrs).Now I am 33 and using Bronkoplus tablets daily. I can`t using stop this tablet. Sometimes I have severe headachea and try using Panadol tablet. Could you please tell me any other medicine to help. What are the disadvantages of using Bronkoplus in long run? I am recently married. Will this cause any problem in my child? Awaiting you reply. Thank you.


Bronkoplus is a combination of theophylline and salbutamol. Both of these medications work in asthma by relaxing the muscles that surround the bronchial tubes. Neither medication has prominent anti-inflammatory actions. Theophylline levels in the blood need to be monitored, because high levels may have toxicity. In the United States, salbutamol (albuterol) is more commonly given by the inhaled route, which is associated with fewer side effects. The headaches you describe could be related to either component of the Bronkoplus, or could be due to another unrelated cause. If you are having frequent asthma symptoms, then addition of an anti-inflammatory medicine such as an inhaled corticosteroid, may offer significant benefit. For these reasons, I would recommend that you be evaluated by your personal physician or by a physician who specializes in asthma (usually allergy or pulmonary medicine) to determine if a change in your medical regimen is appropriate. You can find additional information about asthma at the link below.

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