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Exercise and Fitness

Piercing pains after eating & exercising...



Often after I have something to eat (even after eating very little), I find that I get stomach pains when undergoing any physical activity. This is especially true when I do something such as walking my dog. The best way I think I could describe it is having "a rock in my stomach." it`s usually at a concentrated spot (although not necessarily the same spot) in the lower part of my stomach. It gets worse the longer I exert myself. It seems occur most when I do something that will shake up my stomach. I`ve talked to a couple of people about it and they`ve all said they`ve never had anything like this. Should I be concerned about this? I remember having this problem for at least a year now (maybe longer) so it`s nothing that new. The pain goes away after a few minutes of rest so it really isn`t more than a nuisance. I`m pretty good at ignoring pain and wouldn`t have any problem doing so. However, my only worry with this is whether or not i`ll be doing damage to my stomach by continuing to exert myself. What do you think? Should I talk to a doctor or is this normal? I`ve always imagined "cramps" to be what one gets if one has diarrhea, and this is not at all like that. Thanks for your advice!


It is not recommended to exercise immediately following a meal.  Remember that high-calorie meals take longer to leave the stomach than do lighter meals or snacks.  The general rule of thumb is to allow at least three to four hours for a large meal to digest, two to three hours for a smaller meal, one to two hours for a blended or liquid meal, and less than one hour for snacks.  However, every individual has different tolerances.  If after following these general guidelines you still have pain, I would suggest discussing this with your personal physician.

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Carolyn   Nickol, RD, MEd Carolyn Nickol, RD, MEd
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
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