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Vascular Surgery

Burning while seated



Shortly after having an abdominal aneurysm repaired, my father began experiencing burning sensations in his testacles and buttocks when he is seated. This has gone on for several years now and prevents him from sitting comfortably (and to fully recover from heart bypass surgery two years ago). Consultations with urologists, neurosurgeons, etc. have produced no findings. Lately he was told by a nurse that it could be adhesions resulting from the abdominal surgery, but this suggestion appears to be controversial especially with his vascular surgeon. Others among the varied specialists he has seen suggest it should be considered. Is this condition really as unusual as it seems? Any other suggestions? Thank you.


Unfortunately I do not have a specific answer for you. This appears to be nerve-related. Have you tried seeing a neurologist or even an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management?

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